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Wramsby, K. Fredga, P. Trask, "Human genetics and disease: Human cytogenetics: 46 chromosomes, 46 years and counting" Nature Reviews Genetics 3 : Reviews of Modern Physics.

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Bibcode : RvMP Archived from the original PDF on 1 October Direct link to value. New York: Geneva Press : The Musical Times Vol. The Music of Alban Berg. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. The small boy scowled and talked under his breath, but he moved away.

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A few days after that I saw a street beggar approach a well-dressed man, who might have been a bookmaker or horseman, and try for the unusual 'touch'. The man looked at the beggar in cold disgust and said: 'Aw, twenty-three!

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  7. I happened to meet a man who tries to 'keep up' on slang and I asked the meaning of 'Twenty-three! He said it was a signal to clear out, run, get away. In his opinion it came from the English race tracks, twenty-three being the limit on the number of horses allowed to start in one race.

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    But his theory was that 'twenty-three' means that there was no longer any reason for waiting at the post. Another student of slang said the expression originated in New Orleans at the time an attempt was made to rescue a Mexican embezzler who had been arrested there and was to be taken back to his own country. Several of his friends planned to close in upon the police officer prisoner as they were passing in front of a business block which had a wide corridor running through to another block. They were to separate the officer from the prisoner and then, when one of them shouted 'Twenty-three,' the crowd was to scatter in all directions, and the prisoner was to run back through the corridor, on the chance that the officer would be too confused to follow the right man.

    The plan was tried and it failed, but 'twenty-three' came into local use as meaning 'Get away, quick!

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    Here are a few theories as to how '23' and 'skidoo originated' - there are others:. Simply click the icon for sharing, copy this embed code and paste it on a webpage. The livestream will be inserted and playback in the same player as is used on your own event page.

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