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Not sure if it is still taught at school but it shoud be. Share this poem:.

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Dorothea Mackeller - My Country - Poem by Dorothea Mackeller. Autoplay next video. Dorothea Mackeller. Comments about My Country by Dorothea Mackeller.

Sunburnt Country review: Joelle Gergis on a fraught future with climate change

Read this poem in other languages. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. What do you think this poem is about? For Example: love, art, fashion, friendship and etc.

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Dorothea Mackeller's Other Poems. Famous Poems. Generally all of the works for this genre are rarely performed in Australia so most of our 20 concerts since inauguration have been local premieres for South Australia. We successfully completed our first project and supported four wonderful Australian women composers. Thanks to you, their music came to life! Help us tell the stories of ice addiction and recovery in our community… TAC needs your support to document the stories from our On Thin Ice exhibition in a high quality exhibition catalogue.

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I plan to undertake studies in the U. Brisbane Ballet's inaugural performance comprised of three stand-alone works that represent the role of entropy in the universe.

Entropy is the process of how objects descend from order into disorder. It is extremely likely that the dominant cause of recent warming is human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and not natural climate variability. One study has found that the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere had increased by as much as a factor of five the chances of Australia experiencing a record breaking heatwaves like that of summer The report points to the likely range of warming the country will experience as global emissions continue to rise.

Even under the most optimistic scenario for emissions, Australia will likely be between 1C and 2.

Higher emissions could see Australia on average almost 6C hotter than Dorothea Mackellar's already sunburnt country. The report concludes:. Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise and continued emissions will cause further warming over this century. Limiting the magnitude of future climate change requires large and sustained net global reductions in greenhouse gases.

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As a victim, the impacts are being seen in the flames of bushfires, in the ever hotter days and warmer nights and in the warming oceans. As a contributor, the country continues to plough ahead with massive expansion plans for coal and gas exports while taking a leading role in per capita emissions. Prime Minister Abbott surrounds himself with climate science deniers who think the science is a "delusion" or a cover story for creeping socialism. Mackellar's verse was once a stand-alone definition of Australia, but not any more.

Too much has changed.

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The contradictions that Mackellar helped romanticize have become starker and more extreme. Mackellar's "jewel-sea" is rising and becoming more acidic. Topics Environment Planet Oz. Reuse this content.