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Some of the poems are about spiritual figures such as Meher Baba , with whom the author has had a long connection, or Jesus. Many of these poems with explicit spiritual references are wonderful. However, Alice achieves the same transcendental effects by writing about horses!

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It puts the reader right in the equine world. Listen to these lines, in which rhythm, alliteration and description all work together:. Fetlock, forelock, mane and muzzle— swishing of tails and quiet snorts— the fading silhouettes of huge handsome heads gracefully dipping.

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Alice goes even further than this marvelous evocation. In the last stanza of this one-page poem, she brings the reader to a mystical communion where the words will launch them into another, rarified realm:. Alone in a field, listening, I breathed with the breathing of horses.

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And my feet became earth. Finally, I want to note how some of these poems express clarity in states of desperation.

This quality is invaluable, as people tend to panic in such states. Thus, she can write beautifully and helpfully, creating such a stunning image of our human predicament, in this final, short poem I will leave you with:. Only as a last resort do I turn, turn to Thee and call and in that single word lay before you everything— a pomegranate split and spilling its red juices, and all the seeds embedded like so many stubborn bits of me, waiting to be dug out and set free. Sign up to receive our top articles, courses and other freebies direct to your inbox! Mind-spirit Mind-spirit See all. Conscious Creativity See all.

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  8. August 27, Speaking to The Better India , Anamika shares how the poem came about. It was a platform where they invited mothers to recite poems or stories. They asked me to write something on the theme as well, and if there was enough time, I could recite it.

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    So, the performance was quite unplanned. It took her 10 minutes, and when she recited it to her mother, she was in tears. So I knew I could hardly add anything more. It got me thinking about how we pressurise our mothers to be perfect at all times, not allowing them to make any mistakes.

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    6. And that can be very difficult to live up to. My mother was my muse for the piece.

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      She is a go-getter and never has a dull moment. Despite a lack of resources, she managed to become a confident woman. On the day of the event, just as the stage was being set, Anamika was given five minutes to recite her poem. When she was done, most people were in tears. The video has garnered more than eight lakh views on YouTube and when reposted by Buddybits on Facebook, it had 8.


      Many people from the audience walked up to me to thank me. Your poem really helped me. Many fathers shared it with their children. They thanked their mother, who is now years-old, and as a sign of their gratitude, planned a vacation for her. It was beautiful. They can make mistakes too because to err is to be human.