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Functional genome annotation using the SuRE technology.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Generation Comparison:

While many methods exist to measure gene activity for entire genomes e. We apply the SuRE technology to identify which DNA elements drive expression, enabling us to isolate and optimize them for usage in biotechnological applications such as gene therapy and recombinant protein production.

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This work was published in Nature Biotechnology early Arensbergen et al. This publication demonstrates that the technology can be used to profile the activity of promoters and enhancers, the two most important types of elements regulating gene expression. The SuRE method is in essence a method to analyse millions of DNA elements for their activity as promoters or enhancers in a single experiment. This makes the results directly applicable to gene therapy and recombinant protein production where promoters and enhancers are also used in isolation to drive expression of a therapeutic gene.

Our Vision

The SuRE technology is broadly applicable and has been applied to the human genome, the Chinese hamster genome CHO , insect genomes, and in collaboration with our partner HRB we are currently preparing a trial for plant genomes. That much remains to be seen since the launch is still a few months away. The family will prove to be a new watermark in performance and overall efficiency while new platform features will be introduced on the new and enhanced motherboards to take them to the next level.

Considering that AMD would want to remain in a dominant position with the Threadripper series, we will be looking at some spectacular amounts of multi-threaded performance numbers which will only get better with the added clock speeds thanks to the 7nm process node. In terms of raw performance output, the new die layout remains to be tested, but since it is more refined over the previous two generations with a stronger interconnect between them, the cache and latency performance may end up giving a bigger boost to total system responsiveness.

Intel has said that their upcoming Core-X series will offer a much better value proposition with 2x better perf per dollar compared to Skylake-X, but that remains to be seen.

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By Hassan Mujtaba. China CQC. Sweden SSNC.

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