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It's one of my daughter's favorites now. Would definitely recommend it! International shipping available. There are two dates given: and I opt for Light taning to white cover edges. Content: Pilkington presents a book of folklore and legends with almost no heroic legends included - "only those that are purely Irish and traditional in origin. Beautiful color illustrations by Gennady Spirin. Decorated end pages. Content: Convinced that his "lowly status" and the "simplicity of his art" will never provide more than a "meager existence" for his beloved, minstrel Simeon sets out on a fairy tale-like quest to free the music "deep in his soul.

Lonely and weary, he abandons his quest and trades his lute for a canoe to take him home. On the way, Simeon befriends a bright little bird, a beautiful fish, and lovely fawn who become his companions.

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Heartened by his new friends and overjoyed to see his beloved Sorrel, Simeon breaks into song and discovers the music of his soul. Wonderful colorful illustrations by Sheila Moxley. Condition: Pre-read Orchard hardcover pictorial boards - no DJ issued , first printing. Content: Faux-naive, vibrantly colored paintings dominate this attractive international collection of 32 nursery rhymes. Although the absence of music is a drawback with the lullabies, parents and babies should enjoy the finger plays, complete with unobtrusive directions. Some ditties appear in both the original language German, Yoruba and English; unfortunately, rhythm is sometimes sacrificed in translation.

The illustrations often evoke the native country, but Moxley has taken care to include urban settings, not just the rustic or picturesque. Beautiful, soft color illustrations with "Old World" charm by Gennady Spirin. Tiny edge wear. Content: Every detail of this intricately illustrated volume seems to extol the triumph of beauty and purity, as symbolized by the lovely, fragile rose. Floral garlands adorn the book inside and out, and heart-shaped rosette wreaths frame each page number. Romping blissfully through the flora, the eponymous sisters exhibit a cherubic innocence, their chubby cheeks and rounded bodies suffused in a soft glow.

A Girl's Head

In contrast the woeful bear embodies a feral shagginess, evoking the ursine images from Spirin's Once There Was a Tree. As with this artist's previous fairy tale interpretations, the superbly executed paintings enhance the story's grandeur; at times, however, the effect is somewhat diminished by the characters' frozen, china-doll expressions.

This enduring tale distinguishes between the personalities of the two girls but, happily, makes no judgments. The book's handsome design adds to its Old World allure: text and art are set forth in ruled, arch-shaped borders, while Spirin's colorations suggest medieval tapestries. The text, based on an 18th-century translation of the Grimms' original, is adequate although unremarkable. All the elements of the tale are here, and the language is formal enough to match the mood of the illustrations without being stilted.

Mary Engelbreit color illustrations. DJ shows very light shelf wear. Content: Engelbreit presents her first children's book, an illustrated retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen classic The Snow Queen.

This beautiful full-color gift booktells of a feisty heroine and the t triumph of love and innocence over wickedness. Content: Moore serves up a fresh and thoroughly enchanting version of the timeless story of the sorcerer's overeager helper, Franz, and the mayhem that ensues when he unleashes magic he imperfectly understands. Her telling is brisk and nimble, and her illustrations capture both the mystical and comical aspects of the tale.

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They offer dizzying views of the castle's turrets and its seemingly bottomless ravine, an unforgettable panorama of the single-minded army of broom-servants which Franz--hair standing on end--has unwittingly created, and many strange and wondrous details. And Franz himself is portrayed engagingly, his irrepressible--and winning--inquisitiveness evident on almost every page.

Beautiful detailed color illustrations by Christopher Bing. What appears to be a "flaw" on the DJ bottom panel is actually a part of the original cover. Odd, eh?

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There are a few rubbings along illustrations on front board - result of binding process. Content: From the Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator Christopher Bing comes a rich and exquisitely crafted edition of one of the best-known tales by the Brothers Grimm. Christopher Bing captures the light and darknessas well as the deep emotional coreof the story of an innocent girl and the wolf who would devour her, in this most magnificent and definitive version of the classic fairy tale.

Reviewer: "As a German, I can assure you that Christopher Bing's book is exactly what you are looking for if you want your child to have a Little Red Riding Hood book that is absolutely faithful to the original Brothers Grimm tale. Everything is here: it is actually set in Germany unlike Hyman's Americanized version , it contains all the scary parts Grandma and Red actually get eaten etc. Condition: Gently pre-read, if at all, Medici Society UK soft cover stapled wraps , no printing given. Shelfwear top spine.

Book perfect. The paper for this book is unusual and wonderful to the touch. Content: Warning! This is a very delightful English story. Boofy Bunny takes his money out of his piggy bank and goes shopping for , well, "something. When they finally get it into the Bunny hutch, everyone takes turns sitting in the chair. When the sitter says how "compy" the chair is, they are rewarded with a gift - just what they need.

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A very cute story. Translated from the Danish by Anthea Bell. Wonderful soft color illustrations by Lisbeth Zwerger. Small "nic" back cover fore edge. Light tanning to white cover edges but none to interior pages. Content: The Swineherd is not as well-known as some of Andersen's other works, but it is a good one regardless. Like The Nightingale, the message is overwhelmingly of the superiority of the real in all things instead of the false. The story is more than slightly dated by our standards, and there is no happy ending. The frivolous princess whose disdain for real things is never explained is banished by her father for kissing a swineherd, a detail that some children may have trouble understanding today.

However, if you're building a library of fairy tales, you can hardly afford to miss this one, and this edition is well-made - love the awesome and fanciful clothes, btw. You look at the girls and you can see them wearing clouds and canyons on their dresses! Beautiful color illustrations by Sophie Herxheimer. Content: These rich colourful stories have one thing in common - a female protagonist. Whether she is brave or powerful, clever or foolish, she always wins the day.

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This is a book to be read aloud, listened to and looked at - but above all to be enjoyed. Wonderful collection! Junior High and up. Adoraable bright color illustrations by Gemma Page. Paper engineering by Brian Bartle. Small shelf wear "ding" bottom front edge at spine. All pop-ups in perfect working order.

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Content: This classic fairy tale of the Pigs comes to life with exciting, fun pop-ups and beautiful pictures - a delight for young children. Not suitable for children under 36 months dur to potential small parts. Questions encouraged. Delightful color illustratins by Helen Oxenbury. Light edge wear. Not crisp. So this funny, wolf-friendly revision of the creepy old classic really tickles me! It begins with Mama Wolf sending her doting pups off into the wide world with the warning: "Beware of the Big Bad Pig!

The three fluffy, friendly, refined little wolves are never named, but I like to call them Frasier, Niles, and Daphne. The pig, a burly bully of a construction-worker, could be named Brutus. Safe in the yard of their new brick home, the little wolves play a spirited game of squash. Suddenly the swaggering swine shows up! In a reversal of the original tale, the Big Bad Pig pounds on the wolves' door and demands to come in, while they quaver, "Not by the hair on our chinny-chin-chins!

As the three little wolves build progressively massive fortresses, the big bad pig employs heavy ground-breaking and demolitions equipment to smash them to rubble. At last, the little wolves have no materials left with which to build, except -- ah, but I'm not going to give away the surprise! Let's just say, the ending is a lot sweeter than the original.

No one gets boiled alive or devoured, and the the classic adversaries even become friends. Kids and parents will love the beautiful artwork and the silliness of the story, although the ending might seem just a bit too saccharine after all the destruction and mayhem. Ages 4 - 8. Adapted by Tom Roberts. Wonderful, soft, dream-like color illustrations by David Johnson.